Please Contact Education Manager Jenna Gamerl during office hours or by email: 404-477-4365, jenna@cityspringstheatre.com Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

City Springs Theatre Company is seeking qualified teachers to serve as faculty for the newly created conservatory programs. Potential candidates will have experience in the fields of vocal instruction (group and private), acting, dance, and technical theatre and be available to teach weekly and semester-long classes. A college degree in theatre, voice, dance, technical theatre, or education required. Master’s degree preferred. Classes are currently offered for students ages 10-18.

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For each class listed on our website, there will be a “Register Now” button you can click on. You will be directed to our registration software, Jackrabbit, for easy online enrollment. You may also call 404-477-4365, to speak to our Education Manager for over the phone registration.

At this time, we do not offer drop-in classes during the school year. Please contact Jenna@cityspringstheatre.com if you have any questions regarding enrollment or class descriptions.

Conservatory classes require a $25 registration fee due at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. A $15 registration fee is charged for each student during our Summer semester program. There is no registration fee for master classes, private lessons, or special events.

Please visit our Faculty page to read about our Conservatory Faculty. All our teachers are background checked annually.

Our main priority at City Springs Theatre Conservatory is to train and push technique in the classroom. We value the work done in the classroom just as much as the final product on the stage. We do offer performing opportunities in our Fall, Spring, and Summer semester, but we do not offer recitals at this time. We do; however, offer multiple parent observation days throughout the school year, so you are able to observe your child’s progress!

Age is determined based on the child’s age on the first day of class in the Fall. For example, if your child is 11 years old and has a birthday in October, you should enroll him/her in the 11-year-old age range.

Student Attendance:

  • Student attendance is mandatory. If your child must be absent from class, please call 404-477-4365 or email jenna@cityspringstheatre.com. We require at least at 24-hour notice.
  • Scholarship and Financial aid students are allotted 1 unexcused absence per semester. More than 1 unexcused absence per semester can result in the loss of scholarship or financial aid.

Please double check the location under each program BEFORE you register. Most of our education programs take place at City Springs Theatre Studios: 8601 Dunwoody Place, Suite 136, Sandy Springs GA, 30350. However, we do have some programs and performances that take place at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center: 1 Galambos Way, Sandy Springs, GA 30328.

City Springs Theatre Studios
For our Dunwoody Place location, we have free parking directly in front of our building. Students may walk in on their own for drop off and must show us which car they are walking to followed by a wave of the parent in the car for pick up.

Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center
All students MUST be walked into and picked up from inside the building. Please enter the underground parking deck off of Mt. Vernon Highway and Galambos Way and park in any section painted BLUE (green lights indicate an open spot). You will then come up the BLUE elevator or staircase to Street Level (S) and walk all children to the building. This is where check-in and check-out will take place. There is no stopping or parking in front of the Theatre.

The first two hours of parking are free, and then parking charges begin at $4 after the first two hours. For event parking, such as our Summer Junior Musical, parking is $10.

We will always have full time staff member on site who is trained in First Aid and CPR (not a nurse) to help your child with medication. You must provide a current order from your doctor with instructions. Students may carry inhalers or epi-pens with doctor and parent permission.

Each program will have specific instructions on how to purchase tickets. Summer Junior Musical, tickets are $15/person and $10/student. NextGen Broadway Summer Camp, the final performance will be free, although, we may have to limit the amount of tickets you receive depending on the venue location.

Great news! We are offering an after-care program for your students where we will keep a faculty member with them for an extra hour of camp if you need more time to get to the pickup location. After-care rates are an additional $5/day, $25/week, or $75/entire camp for the Summer Junior Musical program and $10/day for NextGen Broadway Camp. Once registered for the camp, please email jenna@cityspringstheatre.com to request after-care.

Yes! We are thrilled to offer students through the Helen & Jimmy Carlos Scholarship Fund. Please click HERE (hyperlink) for more details and to register. We offer full and partial financial aid scholarship as well as a partial merit-based scholarship.

At this time, we do not provide food for any of our programs. For programs taking place at City Springs Theatre Studios, student will have access to a refrigeration, microwave, snack vending machine, and Coke vending machine. For programs taking place at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center, students will not have access to a refrigerator but will have a microwave. We will have lunch for ½-1 hour each day, so please plan accordingly.

The performance track costs more per student due to the need to provide each student on stage with a costume. It is guaranteed, however, that our students will receive the same high- quality instruction, regardless if you are in the performance or technical theatre track.

Depending on the class, please be prepared with proper attire, shoes, supplies, etc. For technical theatre classes, close toed shoes are required. Students may want to wear comfortable clothes as well as bring a notebook to take notes. For acting and vocal classes, please wear comfortable clothes and bring your music notebook and a notebook for taking notes. For dance classes, please follow our attire requirements above, but appropriate dance shoes must be worn at all times.

The difference between the two different series is the location and the focus of the class. The Studio Series focusing solely on training a specific skillset. The Stage Series teaches students specific choreography, music, and technical elements of one of the professional shows taking place at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center.




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