Leading Ladies

Equal parts social group and staunch supporters of the arts, Leading Ladies is an all-female force dedicated to helping CSTC do what it does best. By way of special events, smart networking, and plenty of energy and enthusiasm, our Leading Ladies go behind-the-scenes of every production!


Leading Ladies is a sisterhood of theatre-lovers with a shared passion for musical theatre and a commitment to serve as ambassadors for City Springs Theatre Company (CSTC).


  • Service to the community through CSTC’s education and community engagement efforts
  • Access to educational opportunities tied to CSTC’s mainstage productions
  • Social connections with like-minded women


  • Invitation to participate in all Leading Ladies volunteer and social activities
  • Invitation to become an insider at exclusive season events
  • Opportunities to join CSTC Board and staff at exclusive meet and greets
  • Listing in season Playbill



  • Preparations’ assistance for select events
  • Support for education Conservatory programs for students ages 10-18


  • Exclusive events tied to each of CSTC’s mainstage productions
  • Select Meet & Greet events with production and/or cast members


    • Closing Night Champagne Receptions
    • Annual Leading Ladies Luncheon


  • Annual membership fee is waived this year!
  • Must be a contributor to CSTC at the $5,000 level (or above) or a Founding Patron from Season One

To join Leading Ladies, contact Executive Director, Natalie DeLancey at 404-477-4365 or natalie@cityspringstheatre.com


Mrs. Sherry Abney
Ms. Ilene Abrams
Mrs. Judith Alembik
Mrs. London Andes
Ms. Tracie Arnold
Ms. Joan Aronson
Ms. Ann Atwater
Mrs. Sherri Austin
Mrs. Cherie Aviv
Mrs. Carolyn Axt
Mrs. Jennifer Barnes
Mrs. Sandy Lee Barnes
Dr. Debbie Bauman
Mrs. Rachel Baydar
Mrs. Susan Beard
Mrs. Nancy Bell
Mrs. Mickey Benn
Mrs. Abbie Berg
Mrs. Theresa Berry
Ms. Kathy Betty
Mrs. Patti Blumenthal
Mrs. Rita Bodner
Ms. Barbara Bollinger
Mrs. Kathy Bolton
Mrs. Amy Bridges
Mrs. Susan Brown
Mrs. Jennifer Buonanotte
Mrs. Karen Burnett
Mrs. Trish Byers
Mrs. Catherine Callahan
Mrs. Carole Campbell
Mrs. Jan Carlin
Mrs. Helen Carlos
Ms. Angelyn Chandler
Ms. Carolyn Ciepluch
Mrs. Sherry Cloud
Mrs. Angela Cohen
Ms. Phyllis Cohen
Mrs. Gail Cohn
Mrs. Valerie Cohn
Mrs. Sharon Cole
Mrs. Judy Cole
Mrs. Susan Cole
Ms. Jan Collins
Mrs. Keayi Cora
Mrs. Betsy Cotter
Mrs. Ansley Crawford
Mrs. Frances Creekmuir
Ms. Betty Crews
Mrs. Jo Ann Crooms
Mrs. Margaret Crow
Ms. Jennifer Cruce
Mrs. Kate Dalba
Mrs. Diane Davis
Mrs. Lafon Dees
Mrs. Gayle DeJulio
Mrs. Jane Dickerson
Mrs. Betty Draper
Mrs. Sandra DuBois
Mrs. Jan Eubanks
Mrs. Katherine Federovitch
Mrs. Stacy Fialkow
Mrs. Adrienne Findley
Ms. Linda Fiorelli
Mrs. Tiffany Flaherty
Mrs. Linda Friedman
Ms. Stacy Gensler
Ms. Donna Glenn
Mrs. Lynn Gould
Mrs. Carol Green
Mrs. Lisa Greenberg
Mrs. Ann Goldstein
Mrs. Melinda Hale
Mrs. Susan Hauser
Mrs. Carol Anne Hendrix
Ms. Paula D. Hill
Mrs. Donna Hiller
Mrs. Jodi Hunter
Ms. Jeanine Hurt Lewis
Mrs. Sheila Jiwani
Mrs. Jill Johnson
Mrs. Laura Jones
Mrs. Barbara Kelley
Mrs. Glenn Kincaid
Mrs. Janet King
Mrs. Devra Kolesky
Ms. Candace Kollas
Mrs. Bonnie Laney
Mrs. Carolyn Lawson
Mrs. Diane Levy
Mrs. Valerie Love
Mrs. Anne Magruder
Mrs. Robin Mathis
Mrs. Sarah McKenney
Mrs. Leslie McLeod
Mrs. Sabine Meister
Mrs. Kara Miller
Ms. Judith R. Millner-Hofer
Mrs. Berthe Mobasser
Ms. Joyce Niemann
Mrs. Joan Plunkett
Mrs. Deanie Quillian
Mrs. Jody Reichel
Mrs. Frances Richardson
Mrs. Sherry Roedl
Ms. Cecily Ross
Mrs. Brenda Rothschild
Mrs. Neva Rountree
Mrs. Jacquie Sacks
Mrs. Colleen Scruggs
Ms. Harriet Sessoms
Mrs. Diane Shaftman
Ms. Alice Shapiro
Mrs. Shelley Shapiro
Mrs. Grace Shickler
Representative Deborah Silcox
Mrs. Michelle Simon
Mrs. Cathleen Smith
Mrs. Mitzi Solomon
Mrs. Debbie Sonenshine
Mrs. Karen Spiegel
Mrs. Peggy Stapleton
Mrs. Candace Stevens
Mrs. Betty Sunshine
Mrs. Susan Sutterfield
Mrs. Cynthia Swann
Dr. Kathleen Tantuco
Mrs. Nancy Tartikoff
Mrs. Diana Tipton
Ms. Brenda Toan
Mrs. Patsy Townsend
Mrs. Jennifer Van Horn
Mrs. Judy Vogel
Mrs. Knoxie Walstad
Reverend Linda S. Whitmire
Mrs. Pat Wigbels
Dr. Melissa Wikoff
Mrs. Barbara Williams
Mrs. Sue Winner
Mrs. Ellen Zarge




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