individual partners

Thank you to our individual partners for their generous
contributions to City Springs Theatre Company!

LEGENDS | $50,000+

Trish and Ken Byers

Grace and Scott Shickler

PRESENTING | $25,000

Sherry and David Abney
Jack T. and Shirley C. Hammer
Susan and Meade Sutterfield

DIAMOND | $15,000

Helen and Jimmy Carlos
Paula Hill
Trisha Phelan
Don and Joan Plunkett

PLATINUM | $10,000

Jerry and London Andes
Brook and Shawn Byers
Dr. and Mrs. C. Lyn Crooms
Mary Ellen and Scott Garrett
Carol and Dr. Bruce Green
Carol Anne and Richard Hendrix
Bob and Ilsa Jackson
Sarah and David McKenney
Kara and David Miller
Joyce Niemann
Sherry and Frank Roedl
Dulcy and Jerry Rosenberg
Patricia “Pat” Terwilliger
Patsy and Danny Townsend
Jennifer and Dan Van Horn

PREMIER | $5,000


Terry and Ann Austin

Cherie and Gary Aviv

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Barnes

The Berg Family

Theresa and Paul Berry

Nancy and Kenny Blank

Kathy and Niles Bolton

Susan and Hal Brown

Angela and Jeremy Cohen

Jan Collins

Betty and Tom Crews

Margaret and Dave Crow

John and Katherine Federovitch

Linda Fiorelli

Whitney W. Frank

Corky and Roger Gelder

Donna Glenn

Lou and Tom Glenn

Ann and Dr. Marvin Goldstein

Lisa and Seth Greenberg

Mary Lisa and George Gundersen

The Hattauer Family

The Hiller Family Fund

Jeanine Hurt Lewis

Robin and Frederick Johnson

Susanne Keenan and David Wallis

Leigh and Greg Kershner

Glen and Dr. Jim Kincaid

Penny Kinsey

Sara and Bill Krochalis

Bonnie and Wink Laney

Kristen Lewis and Randy Kennedy

Robin and Christopher Mathis

Leslie McLeod

Sabine and Reinhard Meister

Berthe and Dr. Shapour Mobasser

Sandra and Craig Perry

Kay and William Phinney

Mary Kay and Gene Poland

Dorie Ramey

Rebecca and John Reeves

Teresa and Joseph Roseborough

Neva and Don Rountree

Mr. David and Mrs. Colleen Scruggs

Representative Deborah and Dr. Hal Silcox

Karen and John Spiegel

Kerri and Don Staley

Peggy and Dr. Jerry Stapleton

Candace and Matthew Stevens

Nancy and Peter Tartikoff

Brenda Toan and Dick Johnston

Judy and Bill Vogel

Nancy and George Ways

Dr. Michael L. and Mrs. Cheryl S. Weiss

Reverend Linda Whitmire

Barbara and Yardy Williams

GOLD | $2,500


Glenn and Sherri Austin and Family

Pattie Barrow

Doug and Mickey Benn

Marlene Besser

Frank and Jenn Buonanotte

Carr, Riggs, & Ingram, LLC

Heather and Jeff Colier

Colonial Kitchen and Bar

Jane and Michael Cox

Rob Dean and Rob Epstein

Jacquie and John Drucker

The Estler Family Foundation

Bernadette Geiss

Hindman Family Charitable Trust

Jenny and Harold Itkin

Laurie and Jason Jeffay

Jill and Rodger Johnson

Janet and Joseph King

Joe and Lourdes Knight

Elizabeth and Van Lear

Judy and Robert Love

Valerie and Terry Love

Marlynn and Dr. Leroy Moyer

Melissa Mular

Sally and Pete Parsonson

Jerry Poole and Dr. Bill Martin

Jai Rogers and Dave Thomas

Edwin Schiffer

The Select

Joanne Smith

Debbie and Stan Sonenshine

Sunnyside Pizza

Mrs. Cynthia Swann

Patsy and Danny Townsend

Elizabeth Wallace and Christopher Scislowicz

Patsy and Ken Winkler

SILVER | $1,000


Emily Freeman Barrow

Councilman Andy and Dr. Debbie Bauman

John and Nancy Bell

Dr. Dan and Robin Benardot

Pam and Denny Betz

Cheryl and Myron Bloom

Dr. Arthur and Rita Bodner

Barbara Bollinger

Susan and Gary Boteler

Mary Anne and Scott Brandt

Mary Ellen and Neil Brigham

Dr. Harold Brody and Mr. Donald Smith

Claire Brown

Jan and Michael Carlin

John and Connie Certusi

Rosemary and Bob Chisek

Sherry and Burt Cloud

Michael Coates

Russell and Sonal Cochran

Gail Cohn and Dr. Harvey Danits

Karen Collins

Robert Connelly

Christine and Mark Cronquist

David and Melinda Dabbiere

Kate and Russell Dalba

Dr. Tiffany and Sean Flaherty

Ramon and Jody Franco

Susan and Jim Frenzel

Linda and Michael Friedman

Cindy and Howard Gibbs

Sandra and Dr. Neil Gladstone

The Goetz Family

Lynn and Myles Gould

Kathy and Kevin Greene

Bea and Bob Grossman

Billie Guthman

Jon and Kate Harmer

Mark and Deanna Harris

Roberta and Bob Head

Jeri Ann and David Herman

Trish and Tynes Hildebrand

Jim and Minday Intner

Jenny and Harold Itkin

Carol and Craig Johns

Joan and Gert Kampfer

Elizabeth Kelly

Devra and Walter Kolesky

Sheri and Steven Labovitz

Chris and Maureen Lamm

Tish and Willis Lanier

Vivian and Allan Levine

Shele and Gary Lieberman

George Lindley

Colin and Patricia Mackey

Ann and Gregg Magruder

Julie and Jeff Marshall

Doreen Massell

Ric and Lori Mayfield

Chris and Kate Miller

Alan and Roni Mintz

Harriet Moran

Nancy Moses

The Nelson Family: Alice, Danielle & Steve, Maria & Scott

Peachtree Awnings and Canopies

Peggy Newfield

Leslie Newlander

Ralph Paulk

Libby and Gene Pearce

Carolyn and Jeff Perry

Glenda and Bernard S. Pollock

Gail Raipans

Sally Rhoden

Frances and Clinton D. Richardson

Dena Rodrigues and PJ Maggio

Maxine and Dr. Ron Rosen

Vanessa and Steven Russell

Mildred and Brian Savory

Claire Schwartz

Delores and Phillip Scott

Tonia Sellers

Dr. Howard and Shelley Shapiro

Jennifer and Jack Shriver

Michelle and Gary Simon

Dr. Andrew Smith and Dr. Lisa Hasty

Bill and Stephanie Spalding

Michael and Garlinn Story

Margaret Sweeterman

Frank Timmerman

Pamela and Patrick Tyson

Marsha and Greg Webb

Cece and Don Webster

Cheryl Weldon 

Ward and Mary Jo Winer

Susan and Dr. Jonathan Winner

Bill and Ellen Womack

Michael Young

Sharon and Randy Young

Season Five Donations as of March 28, 2023
Join others in the community as we continue to make history in Sandy Springs!





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