Private Voice Lessons

City Springs Theatre Conservatory is proud to have such qualified instructors working to teach our students. Below please find bios for each instructor, which is listed by pricing tier. Tiers are strictly determined by instructor rates and have nothing to do with the quality of instructor. 

Tier I Private Voice Lesson Instructors

Jay has been teaching voice for 30 years, all over the world, singers at every different stage in their vocal journey. He focuses on encouragement, developing a strong, free, well-supported, dependable technique that will hold up under the stress and duress that each singer will face. Jay’s goal is to help you find your best sound, one that you can make whatever the style or repertoire you are exploring.

Days Offered: Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays
Ages: 12-Adult

Bill’s coaching techniques consist of teaching proper vocal health and technique, working to expand the student’s vocal range, building a repertoire of appropriate theatre and pop songs for the student, teaching “living the song”: researching the reason for each song and using acting as well as good technique in the teaching process.

Days Offered: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
Ages: 12-Adult

Kristine specializes in acting through song, audition preparation and pre-screen prep for college, scene and song analysis, building your audition book including headshot and resume consult, and vocal technique such as building a strong belt/mix. Technical approaches include the Practical Aesthetic approach to acting, freeing the body and voice and building the belt. She is committed to empowering young female singers to find their true voice and sing safely and successfully in today’s musical theatre landscape.

Days Offered: Currently on a waitlist for new students
Ages: 12-Adult

Erin Shepherd has had the pleasure of helping students develop their full voice for over 20 years. Through technique, artistry, and expression, she encourages singers to communicate and tell story through song.  Erin believes that the student and teacher are an artistic team, and actively includes the student in decision-making during the learning process: be it repertoire choices or technical preferences. Her specialties include teaching mix-belt; navigating register changes; a full, open sound throughout the voice; and most importantly, joyful, free singing.

Days Offered: Thursdays
Ages: 14-Adult​

Tier II Private Voice Lesson Instructors

Julia’s goal as a teacher is to help students unlock their greatest potential as a singer through a classical foundation which incorporates a full-body, healthy singing approach that promotes longevity in singing, and allows singers to find their own unique sound. Physically, it is important for students to understand the mechanics of how their voices operate, along with stripping away bad habits by focusing on the skills required for releasing physical tension. Mentally, it is important to remove preconceived expectations students may have for their voices, which helps them discover their uninhibited natural giftings and talents. Additionally, diving into a role’s character development is vital and adds that extra sparkle in performance from shaping phrases to moving audiences. Helping both professionals and students craft their voices into healthy and powerful instruments via technique, combined with strong character/role developments, grows the confidence and skills necessary to cultivate student’s instruments and gain the tools to succeed.

Days Offered: Sundays, Thursdays (beginning in Oct)
Ages: 12-Adult​

Haden Rider Haden focuses on allowing each individual to begin or further their singing abilities. Private voice lessons include study in posture, breath support, tone production, vowel placement and diction. These skills are then applied to song literature, with repertoire chosen based on each student’s age and ability. Additionally, students may work on musical theatre audition preparation. Private study builds vocal technique and musicianship, while instilling self-confidence and independence in the student.

Days Offered: Monday-Wednesday, Sundays
Ages: 12-Adult​

Katie has been teaching and coaching voice all over the country since 2017 and loves helping artists find their strongest and most confident voice! Private lessons with her place an emphasis on vocal health and function, musicianship, placement, confidence, and acting through song. As a classically trained singer, she will work with you on breath support and stamina, while ensuring that your vocal instrument is working in a healthy and functional way so that your voice can soar to its greatest heights! She loves assisting her students in finding repertoire they connect with and that they are excited to sing, and she is passionate about helping young artists navigate the reality of changing voices and ranges as they mature.

Days Offered: Mondays, Thursdays
Ages: 8-Adult​

To register for private voice instruction, please click the registration below. There you will be able to select your preferred instructor. If you are still unsure or have interest in trying a couple different instructors, feel free to let us know in your registration form! 




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